Find Photos Saved to Your iPhone from the Web, WhatsApp or Anywhere Else

When you save a photo to your iPhone from the web, WhatsApp, or any other app it automatically saves to the camera roll in the Photos app on your phone. Many times, that photo becomes the most recent image in your camera roll, which makes it simple to find. There are cases where the photos aren’t saved to the most recent location on your phone, which makes finding them more difficult.

Typically, photos get saved to some other position in your camera roll because the file has date information embedded in the metadata. This date information is useful, because it tells you either when the photo was originally take or potentially when it was saved out of photo editing software. But it also makes it about when the photo was originally created, but can also make it hard to to find the image because it might be saved in your camera roll with other photos that were taken in the same date range.

This video shows you how to easily find photos on your iPhone or you can read on and follow the steps in this article.

When you can’t easily locate a photo in your camera roll, using the search function of the Photos app is actually a pretty convenient superpower.

Screen capture of the search input box in the iPhone Photos app

Just start typing in the name of the app where the image came from. For instance, if you saved the image from the web, you probably used Safari. When you see Safari pop up as an option with the App store icon next to it, just click on that and you can see a list of every image in your camera roll that was saved from Safari.

Screen capture of searching for photos that were saved from Safari in the iPhone Photos app

You’ll also notice that the search results identify objects in your photos and you can see every photo with one of those identified objects in it.

This works for any app. I don’t use it often, but WhatsApp is another popular place that people send images, you can see everything that was sent via WhatsApp by repeating the same steps using WhatsApp as your search instead of Safari.

Screen capture of searching for photos that were saved from WhatsApp in the iPhone Photos app

Photos has another handy way to see image saved from a single location in the information stored with the image. Just click the lower caes ‘i’ with a circle around it and scroll down until you see which location the image was saved from.

Screen capture of the Saved from location in the iPhone Photos app.