NASA World Wind

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Some patience and a ton of drive space are required to make the most of the NASA World Wind app, but the results are stunning. View satellite photos with remarkable detail of everything from your neighborhood to the Great Wall of China. You might not be able to make out the car parked in front of your house, but the level of detail is absolutely astounding. Topographical detail of terrain is incredible, streets and buildings are viewable, even distinguish individual trees on the side of a mountain. If you’re fascinated by geographic formations on Earth, this is one free software tool you need to make part of your collection. A 3D rendering engine provides the detail and requires a solid video card to render the images. Blue Marble view offers true-color imagery of the entire Earth. Land Sat 7 is a collection of satellite images taken from 1999-2003. A quick search of place names directs the software to a locale nearby known landmarks and municipalities. NASA SVS includes some animations to demonstrate the powerof hurricanes and other atmospheric changes. Coupled with the space exploration app Celestia, which provides planetary rotation and change at the solar system level, you could easily become an authority on terrestrial and extra-terrestrial events, if only in your own mind. [$0.00 Windows 9x/2k/XP]