Download Irfanview

IrfanView remains one of the best free image manipulation tools available. It offers a lightweight shell for viewing and editing images, with full support for all the major image formats. Batch conversion options make processing multiple images a snap, file browsing works both on an image-by-image basis as well as in a slideshow mode. Editing features like crop, resizing, saving as alternate formats, color depth manipulation and rapid browsing of entire directories are standard for many years. The latest release hit the download sites on April 22, with the addition video zooming, EXIF data viewing for TIF files, multiple monitor optimization, improved PNG output and an overhaul of some of the application hotkeys. If you’ve never tried IfranView as an option for quick photo corrections this latest version is a good opportunity to check it out. If you’re a long time IrfanView user, make sure you upgrade to the latest version for the feature enhancements added in this latest version. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]