Download I/On
Subscribing to random Web video is interesting for about the first two days and then you either abandon your PC completely grossed out or insane from the sheer volume of strange material arriving on your desktop. At the moment, I/ON seems focused on this market, which is a market without much future outside the terminally bored community. The app is designed to subscribe to video feeds, like Web news daily Rocketboom, although the pre-installed selections are selections from Blogdigger searching on specific file extensions. FireAnt remains my solution for subscription video feeds, although I/ON may evolve over time into a relevant competitor. The app does include quick links to subscribe to a feed from The Daily Show, Rocketboom, Tiki Bar TV, Media Matters for America (which shows a shot of Karl Rove in preview) and a video blog from John Edwards, so maybe there’s some hope for some interesting programming down the road. Unlike podcasting, which people can fairly easily produce with some minimal audio editing skills, video content requires much more production to keep people subscribed. On demand subscriptions are the future of all media (in my not so humble opinion) and I/ON is among the early solutions for subscribing. [Windows XP / Mac OS X $0.00]