Download MP3Mystic
Stream your personal music collection using this intuitive audio serving application. The app points to a specific directory on the serving machine and creates a page with links to the files in the directory for both playing and downloading. You choose who can connect, blocking unwanted visitors from viewing. MP3s are supported automatically, with configurable options for additional file types and listening options. Additional configuration options allow viewers to upload files as well. The free version allows only one person per file to listen or download, while registration allows you two different levels of connection options, depending on which option you choose. Files may be served either on your local intranet, or via the Internet, assuming you know how to configure port forwarding on your router. Web pages support templating for custom configuration. This is a great way to access files on your local system from anywhere in the world. The desktop configuration wizard is a little ugly, but it gets the job done. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00/$9.95/$29.95]


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