Wine and Tea May Protect Hearing

My hearing is high on the list of things I’d like to keep, in spite of owning a loud rock club in the past and going to bed with ringing ears during my teenage years spent drumming. According to the Scottsman, antioxidants in red wine, green tea and aspirin may help protect hearing from damage and prolong hearing into the years where loss due to age becomes more likely. Dr. Jochen Schacht of University of Michigan is quoted in the article as saying, ” I wouldn’t say it is proof for antioxidants, the jury’s still out on that. But it certainly can’t hurt to increase the amount of green vegetables, red wine or green tea that you consume.” So do as the good doctor ordered and enjoy a glass of wine.

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  1. Its a new information for me that wine and tea protects hearing. 
    I am so happy to read this information. I will keep this information in my mind and try to follow this information in my mind.

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