Oddtodd.com has been a source of off-kilter humor surrounding the world of a guy who was laid off for several holidays now. Some of my favorite cartoons from the series are the three Halloween specials, where we find our hero snacking on candy corn and waxing odd about Halloween horror. If you’ve never visited oddtodd.com before, you’ll want to check out at least a few other episodes to get a feel for the characters. While the creators won’t win any points for their Flash animation skills, the first-person storyline is witty, which makes it easy to overlook the simplicity of the character interactions. At worst, some of the humor may have a PG-13 rating, so if you are offended by network TV sitcoms, you’ll want to skip this site.
Odd Todd’s Halloween Special
Odd Todd’s Halloween Special 2
Odd Todd’s Halloween Special 3


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