John Edwards Answers Blogger Questions

As noted on my main site, John Edwards spoke in Iowa on 28 December 2006. Here’s a Q&A with a handful of bloggers prior to his town hall meeting. Other candidates on both sides of the aisle need to take note and recognize that this is the kind of grass roots communication we need from potential leaders of the country.

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  1. Wow, great stuff! It’s so nice to see a candidate talking in a relaxed situation where he isn’t “on” as he would be with traditional TV.
    ps. Got here from Scoble’s blog.

  2. Thanks for this; John and Elizabeth Edwards are mindful, intelligent people. He (and his wife) come across as very real. It will be interesting to see how his campaign plays out. His debate with Cheney still comes to mind; the VP — although seeming iron-fisted & cunning — made Edwards look like an unqualified first grader. But that’s the distant past me hopes…

  3. Iowa will be crawling with candidates from both parties for the next 12 months. It will be interesting to see which other candidates pick up on this and have their own meetings with bloggers during the long haul up to the Iowa Caucuses. Unfortunately, I won’t enjoy the inside track since Jake has left for the West Coast. As a retired newspaper reporter, I’m itching to see what happens as far as using blogs goes.
    Edwards’ campaign is obviously savvy about the influence of blogs in spreading the word. I couldn’t help noticing that the TV and print media didn’t receive this same insider’s track at the event in Des Moines and that Robert Scoble landed a gig on the campaign flight, elevating him (no pun) to the status formerly reserved for members of the national press corps in covering a campaign.
    While it’s significant that Edwards chose to answer questions for bloggers, this kind of access won’t last if blogs don’t result in support at the caucuses and votes in the primaries. Don’t forget Howard Dean’s implosion in 2004 despite his much touted use of the Internet to raise money.

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