John Edwards Town Hall Streams Live

I’m in Des Moines, IA visiting family for the holidays and got a hot tip that Senator John Edwards is streaming live at 5pm Central time to annouce details of his candidacy. Robert Scoble is on the road with Edwards as an embedded blogger, which is something Mitch Ratcliffe first suggested *all* politicians should do. Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s cool to see that political candidates are starting to understand that the Internet expands the ability to communicate. It’s my hope Senator Edwards is a trend-setter in this regard and not the only politician to understand the importance of online press and blogs.
Update… Quotable John Edwards
On Iraq:
“enormous mistake to adopt McCain doctrine to escalate war in Iraq”
“tell the truth about what happened in the past and what’s happening now in Iraq”
“we have an enormous responsibility to humanity”
On humanitarian issues and global warming:
“we need to be willing to sacrifice about something other than just war”
“be willing to conserve… be willing to not be an excessive consumer of energy”
“show what we’re willing to do in the U.S. to be an example”
At home:
“demand universal healthcare”
“fairness and level playing field in the workplace”
“give kids access to college”
“model program in NC to pay for first year of college for kids who work during that year”
“not right to just throw money at the [poverty] problem… must be willing to help themseleves”