Upgrading to an SLR Camera

After years of avoiding it, I finally invested in my first SLR camera. For a long time, I insisted on portability as my primary must-have camera feature. I’ve since decided that I want snappier response time and better optics in situations like low-light performance. None of the point and shoot models I’ve tried in the past measure up to what I’ve experienced in borrowing other people’s SLR cameras and the time has come for me to make the switch.
I’m only dipping my toe in to the SLR arena. I haven’t invested in any crazy telephoto or wide angle lenses just yet. I opted for a Canon 20D, not the latest Canon 30D model (and the Canon 5D is definitely not on my radar at this point). I’ve always liked Canon optics and while a number of my friends are currently swearing by Nikon, I like the feel of the Canon bodies better.
I ordered online, so I don’t actually have the Canon 20D in hand just yet. It will be waiting for me at the mailbox when I arrive back in Seattle from Mountain View on Friday. As soon as I get the camera out of the box, you can guarantee I’ll be posting photos to Flickr.
Update: Corrected all the Canon model numbers. I inverted the D.

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