How to Call England (or anywhere else)

I never remember how to dial someone outside the U.S. so I’m putting it here to help me remember. If you live in the U.S. and want to call outside the country, you must first dial 011. This is then followed by the country code and the phone number. In the case of England, the country code is 44.


  1. 44 is the country code for the whole of the UK, not just England. You do know the difference between the UK and England??

  2. Jake, your instructions are simple and helpful, thank you. uk expat needs to back off. What is his problem?

  3. You are a life saver!
    I was trying o reach my girl in England (where she is on the work asignment from hell) and I found your website which helped me.
    Thanks a lot… I am a bit buzzed right now so forgive any typos.

  4. Thanks for the info. I wanted to call a friend in England to wish them well for the holidays and google brought me to your simple and direct instructions. (Not really sure what that ‘UK v England’ response had to do with anything other than someone wanting to win a pissing contest.) Thanks again. – Mike

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