Xbox 360 Elite and Content on Existing Xbox 360 Hard Drives

Some otherwise smart voices in the gaming press are raising concern over a relatively dumb issue. Chris Kohler from the Wired Game Life blog originally raised issue with Microsoft for only letting you transfer data from one exiting 20GB hard drive to the new 120GB hard drive shipping with the Xbox 360 Elite. Xbox 360 Fanboy jumped on board by continuing this drama. This problem only comes into play if you happen to have two 20GB hard drives already.
I have data stored on 3 different 20GB hard drives, including saved games, additional game content and videos. I’m not worried about my content. Both sites seem to forget this is a non-issue for a very key reason: All the purchased content, including Xbox Live Arcade Games and Videos can be re-downloaded to any Xbox 360 you are signed into. Game saves get a little trickier, but you can shuttle them around using a memory stick if necessary. So the real story here is there is no story. If you get a new Xbox 360, you won’t lose any content and you get all the advantages of a bigger hard drive. Microsoft serves as your backup plan for anything you don’t transfer and want to re-download in the future.

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  1. i dont think this is entirely true. Albet has even said there is a problem when tryng to transfer date that is tied to the xbox 360 itself. things like the upcoming halo 2 map download and maybe even the halo 3 beta, along with GRAW expansions and what not. there is data that we have downloaded to our 360’s that is tied to our 360. and from what Albert has said, there seems to be a problem that they dont have the answer to yet.
    Unless of course you have more info then i do in which case i would love a replied answer on the subject, as i am also going to buy an Elite and try to transfer everything from my old 360 and 20 gig hard drive, to the new elite 360 and 120 gig hard drive.

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