Finding Sheet Music for Tong Hua by Guang Liang (aka Michael Wong)

Malaysian pop star Guang Liang, who is ridiculously popular throughout China, seems to have a huge following among piano enthusiasts for his mega hit Tong Hua (which translates to Fairy Tale). You can find Guang Liang sheet music at many of the DIY sheet music sites like

For an idea of what all the hype is about, you can see the music video as presented by YouTube here:

Coupled with the tragic music video and the more marketable name Michael Wong, Guang Liang is quite possibly the Malaysian equivalent to Justin Timberlake. I’m guessing there’s crossover potential here, although currently, the official Michael Wong site is available only in traditional and simplified Chinese.


  1. well…i think you’re showing your age jake – he was nothing like justin timberlake. make michael buble though…

  2. Sounding like Justin Timberlake and having his equivalent popularity are two different things. JT is one of the biggest pop stars in the US right now. Michael Wong is one of the biggest pop stars in Taiwan right now, making them similar.

  3. LOLS i love him! hes not the equivalent to justin timberlake. hes like i dunno. but yeah ….tong hua (fairy tale) , di yi chi (first time), and one more song which i cannot remmeber is the reason why hes so famous. He was in a two people group, and he became famous as a solo artist. hes VERY talented…(:

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