EMDB Eric’s Movie Database

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A ton of requests hit my inbox for apps to catalog your DVD collection. It’s tough to find the perfect solution because everyone has a different preference for the way they sort their data. Eric’s Movie Database (EMDB) is a simple utility for cataloging both DVDs and digital movie files stored on your hard drive. Most movie details are imported via IMDB using a title search. EMDB supports adding your own ratings to movies. The app also stores specific information like audio and video codecs for digital files. Add your own cover images for each DVD or import the image from IMDB. Export movie lists as text delimited files or print them for your records. Keep track of loaned DVDs to make sure your friends aren’t too forgetful. If you currently catalog DVDs with another solution, the app supports importing comma delimited files of DVD data. The big missing piece in EMDB remains support for importing via DVD barcode, but I’ll forgive that since the app is free. It’s also one of the few movie database tools still in active development.
Other Movie Cataloging tools you might want to try include:
Movie Collector does the best job at finding foreign films.
MediaMan an elegant solution for managing DVD collections.
Media Catalog Studio for cataloging both audio and video.