Silicon Dragon How China is Winning the Tech Race

I have a theory that a country’s economy is about to impact the tech industry in a significant way about the time all my favorite shareware and freeware is from that country. China is where I’m currently finding the best apps, indicated early on by the browser that became Maxthon and media organizer MediaMan. I’ve since uncovered numerous apps for tweaking video I simply can’t live without, all originating in China. While China has been building the tech we rely on for years, it’s only just started making tech the world can’t live without. Rebecca Fannin, International Editor of the Hong Kong weekly Asian Venture Capital Journal, takes a look at China’s emerging high tech economy with a more researched eye through a new book slated to hit the shelves in December 2007. Silicon Dragon: How China is Winning the Tech Race, which is based on interviews with Chinese entrepreneurs behind companies in industries ranging from mobile phones, search, E-commerce, and software, to provide a face for the emerging tech market in China. You can order the book on Amazon now and get it shipped to your door when it goes to press.

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