Current Events in Brief – 100 Word Article Summaries

Most magazine and newspaper articles waste our time. They start off with meat and gradually work their way to fluff, before wrapping everything up by summarizing what you just read. Instead of wading through the fluff, try reading the 100 word summaries available at It’s like a Reader’s Digest for information overload. Summaries are tight. You get a good sense for what’s going on in the world without needing every word from the real article. If you want to know more, you can always click past Brijit and read the full article. Think of Brijit as a free personal assistant providing a daily summary of important topical events. Summaries include The Economist, Time, The New Yorker, Fortune, Wired, and a host of more general high level topics so you can track your favorite niche.


  1. Back in the stone age when I was growing up, we had something called “The Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature.” You had to go to a library to find it and you couldn’t check it out. It was in the reference section. If you needed to write a school report, you had to try to find the publication with the actual article in back issues. Those were the good old days. Not.

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