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I don’t own a Kindle yet because they’re never in stock and I hate waiting lists. If you’re lucky enough to already have a Kindle, you can read my blog on the Kindle via their blog subscription service. At this point, I’ll likely hold out for whatever the v2 of the Kindle is, because I’m hopeful Amazon is improving on the existing design. Nobody gets a first generation device perfect and there are a number of features I’d like to see, including support for full color images, better audio integration, and some slight variation on the design. And if we can get the FAA to let us read Kindle devices during takeoff and landing, all the better.

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  1. On March 25, 2008 I wrote in my newspaper column, “Amazon’s Kindle, a device I wanted to love”. It ended…
    ” I could adjust to the high price for content, the clunky interface for finding material, and the lack of page numbers. What killed the Kindle for me was the poor placement of the large navigation buttons on the sides of the device, just where I wanted to hold it. Every time I tried to hold the Kindle like a book I found myself inadvertently changing pages. If I wanted to read without changing the page I had to hold it unnaturally from the top, the bottom or by the keyboard. This was uncomfortable.
    I returned my Kindle. Until it is redesigned to be held like a book, I do not want one.”
    The whole article is at

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