More Free HP HDX Dragons

In my ongoing commitment to post about each of the HP HDX Dragon giveaways, here are three more just underway.
From the self-described pundit barely old enough to legally buy alcohol, Robert McLaws, comes the challenge of saying something nice about Windows Vista in 5 minutes or less. Apparently beating the Vista version of solitaire on video doesn’t count, but you do get points for Innovative uses of Windows Vista (one of my copies is currently a doorstop, does that count?), Presentation Creativity, Effort, and Making a Difference (I use Vista every day to send email to people who are having problems with Vista, but I don’t think that’s what Robert means). Full details are here. has a more complicated giveaway. Like the hybrid of the Ars Technica and Gadgeteer giveaways mentioned previously, you’ve got to make something or do something related to WindowsConnected and then provde them with proof you’ve done it. If you build a WindowsConnected-branded computer to monitor global warming via Windows Vista, you might get two entries in one with WIndowsConnected and WindowsNow. WindowsConnected giveaway details are here.
Geeks to Go has something much simpler – all you have to do is print the Geeks to Go logo. I’ll bet if you tattoo their logo on your person, you’re a guaranteed winner, although I have no influence in their giveaway so don’t consider that a recommended strategy. Official details are here.


  1. This actually wasn’t a total no-brainer, as I don’t use free apps for all of the categories you listed. I actually had do do a bit of research.
    I was tempted to put “cans of Dr. Pepper I take out of my neighbor’s fridge” as my favorite free drink.

  2. i agree with Manuel’s (points and have locked my fridge). thanks for the chance to win the Dragon. I have entered at some other sites and came semi-close in one of the sites contests (a photo submission). i have enjoyed exploring some the participation sites.

  3. Yeah, I don’t use much free software ether. I’m kind of confused about the last question though. What drink is free? Even water you have to pay for. And more importantly, what drink is a software application? The rules say: “…must be a verifiable spyware-free no-cost software application.”

  4. Software application can be either text editor or something used for a general purpose task on your computer.

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