And The HP HDX Dragon Goes to…

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It’s 11:02 Pacific by my clock so the time has come to give away the HP HDX Dragon. The entry process has been interesting. I’m still compiling the collection of freeware favorites by category, so I can present a reader’s choice in all software categories. Some of the answers were very predictable and remained close to what the popular press recommends for free products. Other choices varied greatly and I learned about some new apps that I wasn’t familiar with. I think the most interesting thing I learned was that some people took the last question on the survey ‘Your favorite free DRINK’ a bit too seriously. I put it in their for fun to see what the responses would be. More than one person emailed, concerned that they might be interpreting the question incorrectly. No survey was disqualified for an incorrect drink entry. It is time to announce the lucky person who gets the HDX Dragon. The lucky individual is Oz Hull. Way to go Oz!
Remember there are still several of these yet to come, so just because you didn’t get this one doesn’t mean you won’t get one of the other Dragons. Be sure to stay tuned to either my email newsletter or my RSS feed as I’ll be giving away a brand new Zune in June.