Taipei Hauxi Night Market (Snake Alley)

Fishhead in Hauxi Night Market
Hauxi night market is a stark contrast to the Shilin night market frequented by both locals and vistors to Taipei. Where Shilin feels alive with interesting sites, smells, and people, Hauxi feels like it’s clinging to a past Taipei would largely like to put behind it. Hauxi night market is the one famous for cutting snakes open and serving cocktails mixed with alcohol and snake guts. I saw snakes in cages, but I didn’t see anyone stepping up to try the snake. In fact, while we were in the section of the market with live animals, I hardly saw anyone. There’s no pictures of the snake purveyors here because they don’t want you to take them (presumably because what they are doing is frowned upon). I did try to get a couple of photos on the sly, but the camera I brought was too slow and blurred the images. I did get a picture of a pile of beheaded turtles, which I think are more for some sort of folk remedy than anything a tourist would find exciting. Fish and crustaceans were in great supply in the Hauxi night market, which explains the number of photos focused on fish.


  1. OK, you need to answer one question……. do they actually drink snake blood or is that just an invented story?

  2. While I didn’t see anyone drink snake blood while we were there, I know it’s not invented. I think it’s bile rather than blood, though. They pour some insides in a glass with alcohol for the drinker to show off his toughness.

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