How to mount a camera on your car window

I like taking nature photos while I’m driving. Often some of the best shots are gone before I ever get out of my car. Is there some way I can mount my digital camera to my car door safely, so that I don’t miss any more great photos?
Several years ago, I ran across a great solution for doing exactly this. It’s a tripod that mounts to your car window with a fitting that snugs down on both sides of the glass and has a tripod mount on top. Since this requires driving with your window down, it’s really only useful in warm climates or when it’s sunny out, but it’s by far the best thing I’ve found. Assuming you keep your lens cap on while you’re driving to keep the lens free of bugs and dust, you should be able to safely drive with a camera mounted this way at moderate speeds. I’ve even seen it done to mount the camera on the tripod and then put the window up to apply a tiny amount of pressure to the top of the camera to hold it firmly in place while driving. Of course, be sure you’re paying attention to the road and not simply looking for photo opps. Ebay remains the easiest place to find them.
Car door or window camera mount tripod