Get a Free Zune

I promised to give away a Zune in June this year and for various reasons it didn’t happen. The Zune has been here the whole time waiting to be given away, but I never got around to announcing the giveaway.

With August rapidly approaching, here’s the scoop:

To be eligible to win the Zune you need to be subscribed to my newsletter and/or RSS feed and you need to follow me on Twitter.

On August 31, 2008 I’ll post a question in my Twitter feed with the answer being in the newsletter from the day before. The first person to respond reply on Twitter with the correct answer will get the Zune. (Trust me, it will make sense when you see it)

The Zune is a brand new, never opened 80GB black model, which include the “premium headphones”. They genuinely are the best sounding headphones I’ve gotten with any portable player because they fit in your ears instead of the ear buds that seem to sit in your ears. They aren’t Etymotic or Shure quality headphones, but they aren’t bad. The Zune is, well a Zune. If you haven’t already, sign up for the newsletter and follow me on Twitter.


    You are quite a phenomenal man. I just received my Zune a few minutes ago (more like thirty, but I was pretty busy installing the software and stuff…sorry) LOL. I am so thrilled that I was “The Chosen One”…haha.
    Anyways, I just really wanted to say A MILLION TIMES OVER, Thank you!!!! I am very gracious!!!

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