A Year with Google Apps Premier Edition

I just got the renewal notice for my Google Apps Premier Edition account, which means I’ve almost hit the one year mark of relying on Google for various aspects of my JakeLudington.com domain. The question is, will I renew?
It took me almost 9 months of that year to get around to enabling the email portion of my account, which essentially moved all my JakeLudington.com mail off of my web server and onto a Gmail server. When I finally did it, I was thrilled. Google Apps does a better job of filtering mail than Outlook 2007. By filtering, I don’t mean handling spam, I mean sorting mail in a logical fashion. I don’t believe in inbox zero, I’m a firm believer in smart sorting of mail to get things categorized without touching anything I don’t need to. Gmail rocks for email sorting. For that reason alone I will definitely renew my Premier Edition account. Having Calendar and other domain functionality tied in is gravy.
Outsourcing my email server may be one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made as a small business owner.

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  1. Nothing in this post mentions any compelling reason to use the Premier version of Apps for your Domain, instead of the free version, especially since you’re such a small domain–we’ve been using free Apps for your Domain for two years now, have over 8 employees on it, each with over 8 GB of storage… for free. 🙂

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