How to Convert BMP to JPG

“How do I convert BMP to JPG?”
There are at least 1000 solutions for converting BMP files to JPG. Some of the options provide more control over conversion of BMP files to JPG. Some image converters work slightly better than others. Some image file converting software is easier to use than others. I’ll start with the image editor included on your computer and then suggest some alternatives.

If you have either Windows XP or Windows Vista, you have a free tool on your computer for converting images called Paint. You can find Paint at Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint. To convert your BMP file to JPG, first open the BMP in Paint. Next go to File > Save As, choose a name for your file (or leave the name the same) and choose JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jfif) from the list of options in Save as type.
convert bmp to jpg
The disadvantage of Paint is that you can’t control the JPEG compression settings it uses. You get a .jpg file but Paint only has one setting. For more control, try other free solutions like IrfanView or Paint.NET. Both alternatives give you the option to adjust settings for your image to maximize an acceptable image quality at a small file size, which is important if you’re posting your JPEG image somewhere online.