Sizing up Kindle 2

Kindle 2 and Netbook Size Comparison
I’m a size conscious guy, at least when it comes to gadgets. I want gadgets that don’t waste space, so I’m constantly thinking about how the size of gadgets compare to other things I use regularly, especially as it relates to things I travel with. From a travel size perspective, Kindle 2 is one of the most space conscious gadgets out there. length and width match up with a trade paperback almost exactly. The Kindle 2 is actually thinner than the iPhone. Comparing Kindle 2 to my HP Mini 1000 makes the Netbook looks fat, although I wouldn’t trade the productivity of the HP Mini keyboard for the sake of a more sleek form factor.
Kindle 2 vs. Netbook side view:
Kindle 2 and Netbook Size Comparison Side view
Comparing Kindle 2 to various book form factors really shows off how much Amazon thought about design. It puts hardback books to shame in a size comparison. Trade paperback size is right on. And those little mass market paperbacks may be smaller length and width, but I never really liked the hand feel of them. All in, the Kindle 2 is a great form factor for the size conscious traveler.
Kindle 2 with Books


  1. With competition coming on the market THIS year, and Kindle3 coming out in December I’ll probably wait for the prices to drop on the Kindle 2.

  2. The Kindle 2 seems to be an improvement over the first version. But it still seems to have way too much frame and too little screen. For K3 I hope they either make the screen a lot bigger or at least shrink the form down so it’s not much bigger than the screen.
    Also, AFAIK it doesn’t even work up here in Canada because of network issues. I’d be quite happy to have a good old fashioned PC sych paradigm instead of the 3G thing. :-\
    …and now I feel like I need to put my HP Mini on a diet. 😉

  3. Wish the books in the picture had been open to compare print area. Getting older, even with glasses, I get more enjoyment out of reading a page of larger font. I realize one can make the font larger on the Kindle but I like to see a big page of print. I don’t think the keyboard need be bigger than a phone size, after all, it’s about the page isn’t it?

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