Weight Loss Progress Report

I’m fairly confident I’m going to miss my weight loss goal of 30 pounds by 1 May 2009. I’m currently down 12 pounds from my starting weight, with 8 days remaining. While I’m sure there’s some “miracle diet” I could follow to drop 2+ pounds per day for the rest of the month, starvation doesn’t seem like a healthy alternative. I’m fairly confident I’ll finish the month of April with a total loss of 15 pounds.
What derailed me from my goal? I got sidetracked initially by the arrival of Robin’s parents. My eating habits were corrupted by morning breakfast options I don’t normally entertain, which put me over my daily calorie budget. That’s my own fault and I should have planned accordingly, but didn’t. Two weeks with a new baby has meant my primary focus of any spare moment has been on sleeping not exercise, which accounts for more of the delay. I am closer to my goal than I was 30 days ago, which is a good thing, but a refocus on eating appropriately and getting a normal exercise routine back should move things along. I’m targeting a new date of 15 June 2009 for the remainder of the weight to be gone.

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  1. Stick with it. I’m in the home stretch of an attempt to lose 60 pounds myself, about 10 to go at this point. Your plan as outlined in your earlier post sounds almost identical to what worked for me other than I have been biking rather than walking. The 4-5 meals per day thing and no late night eating has been the most pivotal component for me by far.
    Good luck.

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