Replacement Riding Lawn Mower Key

We lost the keys to our riding lawn mower – not just one, both of them. While it crossed my mind that hot-wiring the lawn mower should be fairly easy, for the long haul, replacing the key makes more sense.
The question becomes, where do you get a replacement lawn mower key? Direct from the manufacturer? If they sell one, sure. Maybe I can buy a lawn mower key from Home Depot where I bought the mower – not according to employees at two different stores I checked. If you can find a lawn mower repair shop in your area, call them and they may have a lawn mower key in stock. The keys are universal across most brands and even extend to snow blowers.
universal lawn mower keyMy solution turned out to be the Arnold IK-100 Universal Ignition Key. Problem solved for under $4.00. Now I need a new excuse to avoid mowing the lawn.
Knowing my luck, I fully expect to find the original key any day now after finding a replacement.


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