$2500 Logo Design Contest

Buzz Corps, the company that’s behind some of the amazing giveaways I participate in, like 31 Days of the Dragon and the HP Magic Giveaway, are changing their name. As a result they need a new logo for the new company. They could have hired a designer to do the new logo, but instead they are reaching out to the community that supports them to look for a great design. As they put it:

“We have always been amazed at the level of talent, smarts and expertise that come from engaging with passionate people. In fact, communities and influencers convinced us to start Buzz Corps (our old name) and helped name us and create our first logo. So, in keeping with our business model and our philosophy the only logical thing for us was to once again work with the influencers and their communities to develop our new mark.”

I’ve seen other logo design contests in the past, but most of them are small potatoes when compared to this. The winning designer gets $2500. There are also some great prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. Entry deadline is June 12, which should be plenty of time to create an awesome new logo. Complete Details are available from Ivy Worldwide (the new name for Buzz Corps).


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