Camfrog – Free Video Chat Software

With popular IM clients like Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and Skype all supporting one-to-one video chat, it might seem like having a chat client just for video doesn’t make sense. What if you want to communicate with several people at once? Most of the instant messenger tools fail miserably in this regard. Enter Camfrog, a video chat software solution with support for dozens of simultaneous video chat windows. While the software does have a pay version, the free version allows you to create your own private video chat room, allowing for a hosted video conference where all participants can see each other and join in the conversation. Text chat is supported in combination with video images. While Camfrog touts community features like meeting people through their chat service, I see the hosted video chat rooms as being something more useful for staying connected with family members who live far away or a way to gather a group of business associates so that everyone can have a virtual meetup in a video conference room. [Windows XP/Vista Mac OS X $0.00]

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