Law Blogs Make You Smarter

I’m an information junkie. Put engaging writing in front of me and I’m distracted for hours. Reading tech blogs is a no-brainer for me, but I tend to read about tech stuff while ignoring the rest of the universe of great material. Thanks to some current work with Lexblog, I find myself reading a ton of law blogs. There’s a whole world of great law blog content out there that should be making all of us smarter.
For instance, via the Florida Asset Protection blog, I learned that if I ever need to file bankruptcy or protect assets from a creditor, I hope I’m a Florida resident. I also learned that it might be easier to become a Florida resident for purposes of protecting your assets than it is to become a resident to attend college, but that’s another story.
I’ve tweeted this before, but I’m loving Food Safety News. Who doesn’t want a daily dose of all the food (information) that could kill you? Although Bill Marler’s wry criticisms of the state of the food industry on his Marler Blog cut to the heart of the matter in a style that resonates better with me.
Another great law blogging personality is Scott Greenfield of Simple Justice. I admittedly don’t get everything Scott talks about because I am not a lawyer (IANAL), but I like his writing style and I learn something every time I read his blog.
And because I can’t escape tech, the Nanotechnology Law Report is a fascinating read on the edge of the future where the law meets things that have barely crossed over from the realm of science fiction.

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