Thank You Hertz Car Rental

Telling stories about the time someone gave you lousy customer service is easy, but it’s a rare occasion when people bother to mention outstanding service. Hertz provided my family with outstanding service on our recent trip to the Los Angeles area. For that I’m saying thanks!
We went down to LA for the weekend to meet up with my brother’s family in Huntington Beach. As it turned out, I needed to fly to New York from Los Angeles for a conference, rather than return to Seattle with the rest of my family. That left Robin returning the rental car and taking the kids on the plane by herself.
When Robin went to return the rental car, she got to the car return line and the woman checking cars in asked her if she was traveling by herself with our two kids. Robin replied yes and the woman from Hertz insisted on having Robin and the kids stay with the car while she went to get someone. When the Hertz employee returned, she had another Hertz employee drive my family to the departure drop off right outside the Alaska Airlines terminal, avoiding a much longer walk with the kids and luggage back to the check-in counter.
Hertz certainly isn’t required to do that and I won’t expect it in the future, but because they did, I’m far more likely to continue using them in the future. Once again, I say thanks to Hertz for going above and beyond to provide amazing service.

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