How to Fix Error: Automation server can’t create object

Windows Media Player is causing me problems. I added some unrecognized songs to my music library. I attempted to use the Find Album Info feature of Windows Media Player to rename the files, find the album art, and do all the other basic stuff to get track info for my new songs. Instead of finding the names and info for my songs, WMP gives me an error message instead. No matter what I do I can’t make the error go away. Not sure if this helps, but the error says:

An Error has occured in the script on this page
Line: 1
Char: 243
Error: Automation server can’t create object
Code: 0
Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

How can I fix this? I tried removing Windows Media Player and adding it back. I checked to see if Windows had any updates. Nothing seems to work.
You certainly tried the most obvious solutions to the problem, but the likely cause of the error is something in Internet Explorer, which isn’t as obvious. Read on for the steps you need to fix your automation server can’t create object error.

While it may not be obvious, Windows Media Player has a number of Web browser features built in. These features allow you to do things like connect to the Internet and find missing album info. Because they rely on Internet Explorer to work, WMP is governed by the rules configured in IE (even if you use Firefox or Chrome instead).
The simple solution may be to reset your IE security settings to the default Medium-high setting. This setting allows your computer to access most of the information it needs and allows for access to scripts from trusted sources. The file being blocked is from Microsoft, so it is considered a trusted source in this context. If you have customized your security settings, you may need to change a couple things in order to allow Find Album Info to work. To make the change, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of Internet Explorer and choose Internet Options from the menu. Click on the security tab, then look for the following settings:
Download signed ActiveX controls, which should be set to Prompt or Enable. Prompt is the more secure alternative.
Only allow approved domains to use ActiveX without prompt should also be set to Enable. Here again, is a trusted domain, so the problem should go away without compromising your computer security in other ways. Once you click OK and then click the Apply button, Find Album info should start working again. If not, you may need to close both IE and WMP before the settings take effect.
While this should solve your security issue with Windows Media Player, you may also want to consider trying out an app called TuneUp, which does a better job of finding track info for albums in many cases.