MDM (My Digital Movies)

This page orignally reviewed an app called MDM or My Digital Movies. This was a great free app for cataloging both DVD collections and digital movie files with a number of solid features. Since publishing the review in March 2005, the site appears to be no longer available online and I can’t find anywhere the app is still available for download. If you’re looking for a tool to catalog your DVDs or digital movie files you might want to try one of these applications instead:
EMDB is a freeware app for cataloging DVDs.
Movie Collector does the best job at finding foreign films.
MediaMan an elegant solution for managing DVD collections.
Media Catalog Studio for cataloging both audio and video.
Below is the original review included on this page:
I’ve hesitated in recommending any of the free movie cataloging apps because I’ve found each one to be lacking when compared to shareware solutions. The app to beat, in my mind, remains Delicious Library for Mac OS X users, but Windows doesn’t currently offering anything quite as elegant. I’m personally a huge fan of Movie Collector, which means everything else gets compared to it. MDM comes close to matching the features, which seems to be a challenge for free applications. The wizard for adding new movies works as long as the movie you’re adding is in the Amazon catalog. The Loan Manager includes a reminder system and a link to send email to let friends know you want your movies back, which is helpful if you are the loaning type. The app tracks DVD, SVCD, VCD and DivX as major category types, which is a testament to the popularity of the digital format. A feature to play movies stored on your hard drive from the application is useful if you store lots of movies on your hard drive. Searching your existing library works quite well. Searching for movies originating in the United States works like a charm. I tried some obscure titles and all of them were found. The one criteria where this app doesn’t perform well is in cataloging foreign films. I’m a big fan of Chinese, Korean and Japanese cinema and the Internet database used by MDM doesn’t find many of my favorite films. I’ll be sticking with Movie Collector for the time being, but if you’re seeking an acceptable free alternative MDM gets my vote. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]