HP HDX Dragon Catchup

I got sidelined with a cold for a few days and fell behind in posting about all the giveaways going on this month, so now it’s time to catch up. Bink.nu already picked three finalists. There are still a couple of days until I announce my giveaway recipient. Last 100 wants to know your top 5 digital lifestyle products and services. Digital Inspiration wants you to write about stuff you love. Notebooks.com wants you to tell them why you deserve the Dragon. Slahdot Review has details in their podcast and I didn’t have time to listen. 🙂 Neowin wants to know what you’d do if you were to have a real live dragon, recorded in audio in under 60 seconds. Maybe this is why someone would want the old sound recorder.


  1. Thank you for the contest, it is really a great laptop and I hope i will win this laptop.
    I need this laptop hardly for my animation course.

  2. I think its a very interesting contest and I am happy that so many websites are participating. I have entered 8 so far and have lost all of them, the closest I came was in the BostonPocketPC.com giveaway but even then I was close but far. I didn’t bother to enter 5 of the contest since they required unique approaches which I was not able to deliver:
    – OSNN.net: since it required that you be an active member and they did say they would would give preferential treatment to persons who have been long time members. Also, persons who staff at the site were also eligible which kind made it seem out of my reach. So, joining on the day of the contest there or a few days before wouldn’t really give me much of a chance I believe.
    – The-Gadgeteer: came close to entering, even took the picture but didn’t bother since the rules required some form of permanent place of the site URL somewhere I thought, I didn’t want to damage any body’s property. I took a picture at the institution where I study but didn’t submit, somehow I felt I should have submitted it anyway.
    – Windows-now: Not running Vista, on XP at home and I use 2000 Professional at school on lab PC’s so I would not have been able to relate any experiences that the author required.
    – Windows-Connected: I kept thinking but couldn’t think of something convincing or spectacular enough to give this one a try.
    – Geekstogo: Should have attempted this I believe but somewhere between work and school I forgot about it.
    Anyway, all the best to those who have entered. So hope my wishes will come true on this one. Personally I want to start tackling video and photography since I live on a Caribbean island, especially where storage is concerned, this PC would definitely meet my needs. Also, graphic design is an area I have a passion for and although I am currently using Photoshop and Corel Draw on XP, I think the HP HDX Dragon could give me more power to grow in terms of my art work, especially where the powerful Core 2 Extreme is concerned.

  3. Have you announced the winner of your HP HDX Dragon contest yet ? It’s supposed to be out by now.Isn’t it so ?

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